Dirk Ströer’s Media Ventures GmbH forms a new market leader for lead generation and newsletter marketing

The Performance Network Group GmbH unites four companies which previously operated independently of each other: aha.de Internet GmbH – established for many years in the newsletter segment – and marketing specialist up-value GmbH have been part of Media Ventures’ portfolio for quite some time now. performance network GmbH has augmented the portfolio since 2014, and in December of 2015 E2Ma GmbH, with founder and managing shareholder Harold Wolf, was also acquired. The takeover of E2Ma GmbH, specializing in direct marketing leads and market research, rounds out the comprehensive range of services of the newly formed The Performance Network Group GmbH in an optimal manner. Under the new structure, the marketing specialist will produce more than EUR 15 million in sales every year. The joint operating holding company is managed by David Mermelstein, who previously had already been managing director of aha.de Internet GmbH and performance network GmbH. In the future, Group-wide IT services, software development and the Finance area will be bundled together under the umbrella of The Performance Network Group GmbH, representing value created across companies for the still independent retail brands.

“Through this new structure and by concentrating value creation areas at the holding company level, we can optimize synergies between individual companies over the long term, along with our operating excellence,” opines David Mermelstein, managing director of The Performance Network Group GmbH. “This open structure will make additional purchases and acquisitions easier for us in the future, ensuring that we realize potential savings and make use of new synergies as quickly and consistently as possible. Doing so will allow us to continue the market consolidation that has been begun and to continue with further growth.”

In 2013, Media Ventures GmbH had already bundled its online marketing activities centered on display marketers Ströer Interactive, FreeXmedia GmbH and Business Advertising GmbH. In this way, these companies were consolidated on the market and afterwards successfully sold. “The e-mail/lead generation segment shows structures similar to the previous Display business,” notes Dirk Ströer, Media Ventures GmbH’s managing director, in summary. “Here too, it became apparent that, once begun, a market consolidation and the resulting realization of synergies creates a market leader that can stand out from the competition through its significantly better growth potential.”

You can find more information online at: www.tpng.de


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