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Media Ventures GmbH is a private venture capital company headquartered in Cologne, Germany. In our search for teams and ideas, we provide help at all stages, from start-up to growth, all the way until a company reaches maturity. We concentrate on Europe, with an emphasis on Germany, and have a broad market focus that is not industry-dependent. The package of services we offer is unique.

A rigorous focus on results, years of practical experience and promoting sustainable development are what our track record is based on.

Our employees’ experience helps managers and teams to keep on developing and improving. We’re always ready to help, with both strategic challenges and matters arising in day-to-day business operations.

Our accounting, controlling, IT and legal/personnel experts offer the highest level of services, relieving entrepreneurs of that burden so that they can concentrate on what is essential.

We have been in business for a long time now, with networks of contacts, access to markets and, above all, direct access to decision-makers. These are helpful in forming business models that are profitable and sustainable.

We Do

  • We are entrepreneurs
  • We coach entrepreneurs
  • We offer services
  • We create contacts


  • What you offer
  • What you are
  • What you're looking for

Your business model is scalable; you have a focus on results, and are highly motivated. We would be happy to work with you. We value open communications based on facts.

The most important thing we expect is belief in individual entrepreneurship. We look for teams that are a good fit with us and enjoy taking on a shared idea with full commitment and making it successful.

Current projects

Invested since: 2012
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Andreas Jacobi, André Schnitzler


audiotool is a virtual online music studio enabling artists around the world to create their own music and collaborate live with other artists anywhere on the globe. More than 500,000 users worldwide use audiotool to produce and publish their music in the browser.

The Aura restaurant in Cologne-Rodenkirchen is one of the best restaurants and addresses in Cologne and the surrounding area. International haute cuisine and seasonal dishes are served in a comfortable, attractive ambience with a terrific view of the Rhine and an atmosphere of absolute peace and quiet.

Invested since:  2008
Investment stage:  Growth
Founded by:  Jan Becker
Co-investors:  Index Growth


The two web portals C-date and B2 combine casual dating with normal online dating for almost 40 million users around the world. Their product offerings are directed at all age groups and life circumstances, bringing people together.

Invested since: 2011
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Jonathan Dähne
Co-investors: BMP, VC fund (Berlin)


Dailyme is a TV app that brings television broadcasts, films and series to smartphones and tablets. Contents can be downloaded in a WLAN environment and then be viewed in perfect quality at any time, independent of the WLAN, even without an Internet connection.

Invested since: 2017
Investment stage: Early stage
Founded by: Thorsten Lubinski, Prof. Mäntele


DiaMonTech is developing a medical device for non-invasive measurement of blood sugar values. The patented process uses laser technology to determine and control blood glucose values of diabetes patients without any pain and without drawing blood.

Invested since: 2012
Investment stage: Mature
Founded by: Andreas Jacobi, André Schnitzler


dimensional is a development agency and consulting company that provides support for its customers on digital projects, from planning through implementation. Agile development using Scrum processes is the basis for all app and desktop application projects. dimensional is a technology-independent provider with a broad spectrum of experience.

Managing Director: Harold Wolf

E2Ma GmbH
Grafenberger Allee 277-287
40237 Düsseldorf


E2Ma GmbH is a leading company in the area of lead generation for direct marketing and market research in Germany. Active on the German market since 2005, the company expanded its business activities in 2014 to Austria and Switzerland. E2Ma GmbH works with more than 500 partners in generating data, and its own Internet consumer campaigns have already generated more than 20 million opt-in leads for its customers.

Invested since: 2016
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Jörn Grunert


The platform developed by EXACTAG measures digital communications performance values along the customer journey. It uses mathematical algorithms to generate budget proposals to dynamically structure and optimize digital channels, with a goal of increased efficiency of allocated budgets and the accompanying optimization of digital communications.

Invested since: 2014
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Andreas v. Maltzan
Co-investors: HTGF


With www.kochrezepte.de (“cooking recipes”) and www.kochchamps.de (“champion cooks”) and multiple apps, FooBoo’s concern is people with a passion and love for cooking. With thousands of recipes and the cooking courses it provides, the website is addressed to the epicures and hedonists of this world.

Invested since: 2011
Investment stage: Mature
Co-investors: SK Management, Hartmuth Jung

Global Group

The Global Group is one of the leading full-service marketing providers of integrated customer and prospect management in the German-speaking countries. It provides management of cross-channel customer and prospect campaigns for performance-driven exploitation of identified sales potentials in the B2C and B2B area.

Invested since: 2014
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Jérôme Glozbach
Co-investors: ART + COM


Across the globe, the HOCCER Messenger fulfills the highest demands for data security and is thus exceptionally well-suited to fast, secure data exchanges, in particular with closed groups of users who have a demanding awareness of security. HOCCER is a multi-time test winner.

Invested since: 2012
Investment stage: Growth
Founded by: Andreas Jacobi, André Schnitzler
Co-investors: HTGF, Voyager, Wellen&Nöthen


Make.TV re-invents production workflows that center on “live reporting.” The use of a proprietary technology enables discovery, acquisition, production and distribution of video contents in real-time, with no latency. Producers around the world, using their own Live Video cloud, can access live content and incorporate it into their live productions.

Invested since: 2011
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Sylvia Kollek, Robert Baues


merkando offers shopping systems for easy integration and artist, fan and corporate websites. Operators are offered full-service online webshops, all the way up through warehouse logistics and shipment.

Invested since: 2016
Investment stage: Real Estate

Property Ventures

Besides companies, Media Ventures GmbH since early 2016 has also been investing in real estate, planning and carrying out real estate projects throughout Germany. To that end, an independent real estate branch has been set up, with its own experienced team of managers.

The “Spotted” app connects people with the same interests, who meet by accident and like each other, share their favorite places with one another and possibly missed each other and wish to find each other again. Lost opportunities are only bitter if you don’t “spot” them.

STYLEBOB is a luxury eCommerce fashion shop with high marketing and logistics expertise and a fine sense of current and future fashion trends. Customer satisfaction and the shopping experience are front and center among the business’s concerns.

Invested since: 2008
Investment stage: Mature
Co-investors: Jens Kunath


TPNG arose from the combination of aha.de Internet GmbH, up-value GmbH, E2Ma GmbH, Blueface Media GmbH and Performance Network GmbH. The company is hired by customers to generate leads through newsletters, displays and social media channels, a full service provider that offers tailored solutions for online media campaigns.

Invested since: 2008
Investment stage: Seed
Founded by: Steffen Rühl
Co-investors: Mountain Internet


Yasni is a data source/data provider that uses proprietary technology to operate its own search engine for people and companies. Yasni’s data quality here is uniquely good and up to date, for that reason clearly superior to those of domestic and international competitors.

Investiert seit: 2017
Investmentphase: Seed
Gründer: Boris Polenske

123FAHRSCHULE Holding GmbH
Kattenbug 2

Die 123FAHRSCHULE Holding GmbH ist aus der Idee entstanden, den Führerscheinmarkt mit modernen Technologien enorm zu vereinfachen und zu digitalisieren. Anmeldung, Bezahlung, Theorievorbereitung sowie die Buchung von Theorie- und Praxisstunden lassen sich bequem online von zu Hause oder unterwegs erledigen. Damit werden überflüssige Wartezeiten vermieden und die Zeit bis zum Führerschein extrem verkürzt. Ziel ist es, mit der Zeit zu gehen und den Schülern eine komplette Online-Abwicklung der Führerscheinausbildung anzubieten.

Former projects
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Dirk Ströer

Managing Shareholder

As the founder of Media Ventures GmbH, Dirk Ströer (b. 1969) puts a significant stamp on the philosophy of the business, being responsible for the company’s strategic direction. He also sits on the Supervisory Board of Ströer Media AG and is a managing director of other outdoor advertisers in Germany.

After studying business administration, in 1998 Mr. Ströer founded City Design GmbH for the marketing of signage in German cities and, starting in 1999, established the Polish country subsidiary in Warsaw for his father’s Group. With the foundation of orangemedia (today: Ströer Digital Media) and neu.de in 1999, he laid the groundstone for Media Ventures GmbH, which over the following years built up Web portals and marketplaces like weg.de, neu.de or pkw.de to be successful business models.

Stefan Petter

Managing Director

Stefan Petter (b. 1974) took over as Managing Director of Media Ventures GmbH in February 2018 and is responsible for the Controlling, Accounting, Tax, Legal Affairs, Finances and Personnel areas, as well as for all Transaction Business and Investee Controlling. Previously he has been in charge as head of Corporate Development and Controlling.

Stefan Petter holds a degree in business administration and has been with Media Ventures GmbH since 2008.

Dr. Katrin Schaal

Director, Legal Affairs & Personnel, Authorized Company Representative

Dr. Katrin Schaal (b. 1970) has been admitted to the Bar since 1998. She studied law in Cologne and did her doctorate in Company Law. Before taking the 2nd State Examination she worked for a number of months at a London law firm. Between 1998 and 2007, she worked as in-house counsel at a global industrial company, focusing on commercial and labor law. She has been in-house counsel at Media Ventures GmbH since 2008, with a focus on Company Law.

Starting immediately, Blue Face Media GmbH will be strengthening Media Ventures GmbH’s portfolio and, going forward, will operate as a company in the Social Media Marketing area under the umbrella of The Performance Network Group

Frankfurt, 9/12/2016 – Since August 1, 2016, Blue Face Media GmbH has been making Media Ventures GmbH’s portfolio even more attractive, rounding it out with the Social Media category. Following the previous acquisition of Performance Network GmbH, Munich, in 2014, this is another step by Media Ventures to move ahead with growth and the market consolidation in the segment.

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Dirk Ströer’s Media Ventures GmbH forms a new market leader for lead generation and newsletter marketing

Cologne, Germany, January 19, 2016 – Dirk Ströer’s Media Ventures GmbH is bundling its activities in the e-mail/newsletter marketing and lead generation areas together under one roof, The Performance Network Group GmbH. The new holding company, with headquarters in Hamburg, is one of the leading providers in this segment and is also continuing to experience strong growth.

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Media Ventures acquires E2Ma

Cologne, Germany, December 15, 2015. Media Ventures GmbH acquires the business of E2Ma GmbH, Bad Homburg, thereby strengthening the e-mail marketing and lead generation segment.

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