Starting immediately, Blue Face Media GmbH will be strengthening Media Ventures GmbH’s portfolio and, going forward, will operate as a company in the Social Media Marketing area under the umbrella of The Performance Network Group

The team at Frankfurt’s Social Media Marketing Agency can draw upon four years’ experience and more than 1000 campaigns that were successfully carried out on Facebook. The Social Media Marketing area has long been a growth market; Tayyaba Mubashir and Larbi El Falaki, Blue Face Media’s founder and managing director, were nevertheless able to discover a niche at the start of the year and since the company was founded in January 2016: Many companies offer advertising on social networks only as a side-product, and thus there arose the idea of focusing on targeted paid advertising in the social media area, together with the strategic elaboration and implementation of these campaigns.

What decided it on the acquisition, Media Ventures indicates, was Blue Face Media’s focus and the opportunity to expand the holding company’s portfolio so as to move ahead with growth on its part. Blue Face Media advises customers and offers, in particular, effective Facebook marketing together with basic social media advertising for specific customer-oriented advertising objectives.

Blue Face Media’s clients include mid-sized companies anxious to achieve KPIs and concrete targets. Both founders’ credo: The strategically planned use of social media can enable any company to achieve concrete results – regardless of budget. It is precisely through their close contact with Facebook that the two are so successful, and innovations in the social media platform are directly implemented in their campaigns. Blue Face Media has grown strongly since it was founded, confirmed by Media Venture GmbH’s interest in it, seeing it as the ideal complement to The Performance Network Group.

“The acquisition of Blue Face Media GmbH underscores our growth ambitions and our claim to be the market leaders in lead generation and newsletter marketing,” notes David Mermelstein, managing director of The Performance Network Group. Already the previous year, Mermelstein acquired E2Ma GmbH, an established company specializing in direct marketing leads and market research, thereby expanding The Performance Network Group’s range of services.

“We were very pleased with Media Ventures’ interest in Blue Face Media, and have hopes for more rapid growth because of the collaboration. In addition, through our cooperation, we can offer our service to a multitude of clients,” explain Tayyaba Mubashir and Larbi El Falaki in conclusion.

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