Media Ventures acquires E2Ma

Following the takeover of Performance Network GmbH, Munich, in 2014, this is another important step to speed up the pace of growth in the segment via acquisitions and to actively move forward with the market consolidation.

“We have been in discussions concerning the E2Ma acquisition with existing shareholders and founder/managing shareholder Harold Wolf for quite some time now, and have now been able to bring them to a successful conclusion,” said Dirk Stader, Media Ventures GmbH’s managing director. “We believe in the lead generation segment and, with E2Ma, we are happy to have a capable partner in our portfolio with whom we can grow quickly together.”

“Under the new ownership structure, E2Ma GmbH can look forward towards the future with confidence,” reflects Harold Wolf, managing shareholder of E2Ma GmbH, “because we are now very well positioned not just with regard to the expected consolidation process in the industry, but we will also benefit from synergies that will result from collaborating with other companies in the Media Ventures GmbH Group.”

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